Pat Dedal
animation, vfx & post
producer in Sydney

  mobile. 0411 853 147
email. patdedal@gobobox.com.au




full animation service

Gobo Box is a providore of all mediums of animation for broadcast, video, online content. We provide services from concept through to delivery of the final master.

  • 2d/3d animation
  • visual effects
  • stop motion animation

Gobo Box is headed by Pat Dedal. She has produced tv commercials, music videos & short films for Australia, Europe, Asia/Pacific & America. She is accomplished, creatively and technically savvy, and has 18 years experience as a producer of animation.




freelance producer

Gobo Box also offers Pat Dedal's services as a freelance producer, vfx producer, animation producer &/or as a post production producer.



production tools

Microsoft Excel geeks & gurus, Gobo Box offers tailored spreadsheet solutions to suit whatever you're bid or production needs. We have built budget templates for various production companies (live action and animation).

As an example, we can build custom bid/budget templates that is:

  • user friendly
  • basic formulas
  • and/or that allows for weather day
  • and/or that will actualise
  • and/or spit out cost reports
  • locked with your company logo/brand on every soft & hard copy document
  • and can do more, if you wish

We are also well versed and placed to create other financial tools, such as cash flow or sales forecasting tools and/or any other complex Excel spreadsheet solution.


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